About me

About this blog

Are you new to the topic of production planning? Do you look for an overview of basic and advanced planning functions in SAP®-ERP-System? This blog is what you want to read. I share insights into SAP and its Production Planning module (including Production Planning for Process Industries). You can find posts about popular topics around production planning.

About myself

Hi, I’m Bjoern Weber, and I’m addicted to Production Planning with SAP®-ERP. To share my experience and insights with you and to discuss the matter with others I started this Blog.

I had the first contact with the SAP®-System and production planning over ten years ago while studying mechanical engineering. And what to say It got me from the very first moment. So, I focused on the topic in my studies. After this, I worked as Key-User and project manager for four years. In this Time we refined our planning processes ever more and reached a better understanding of the underlying principles. Besides, we implemented detailed-scheduling software to improve the planning results further.

It was that time when I first thought about sharing my knowledge. In that phase, Espresso Tutorials was looking for authors to write scripts for their e-books and I saw my opportunity. They published my book First Steps in SAP Production Processes.

Because I was interested in understanding the technical aspects better, I moved over to the IT department of a different company. I enjoy the work on new projects: to analyse the process and design an appropriate solution in the ERP-System. And here I can help even more users leverage the use of the production planning process within the SAP®-ERP-System.

Enjoy reading, Bjoern.