How to set up a range of coverage profile

The range of coverage profile is an object you configure in SAP-ECC-System. You use it to control the dynamic safety stock for your material. In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up a specific profile.

As described in another article SAP-System offers four basic types of safety stock. One of those types is called dynamic safety stock, as it allows a stock level that changes over time. The calculation to do so is not apparent and is controlled by different parameters. I will explain the range of coverage profile in the following post.

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4 kinds of safety stock in SAP ®

The SAP®-ERP-System provides, like any other system with MRP capabilities, methods of planning with safety stock. In this blog post, I will show you four different ways of calculating safety stock in SAP.

Safety Stock is a level of extra stock held of an item to mitigate the risk of stockouts. An adequate safety stock buffers forecast uncertainties as well as production variances. However, as this stock symbolises not used capital as well, it is a constant task for planners to optimise the safety stock level.

Static Safety Stock in SAP
Stock Levels with a Static Safety Stock

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